Music jammin originally formed as a musician platform to showcase talent grew organically to include artists from all the areas and became an ecosystem to grow and evolve together. Started in Mumbai now it caters to artists need through india and currently proudly hosts 10,000 members and counting. The vision is to connect artists with another artists for collaboration and also a data for event managers to pick and navigate through the artists.

How can I join the community?

Click on signup tab and it will take u to the signup form. Once registered you would get emails and whatsapp messages about the events happening around you. We are currently based in Mumbai and organize fortnightly meets of Music Jammin in and around Mumbai.

I have signed up what next?

If you are a musician and wanting to start your own band you can look out for fellow members in the community and reach out to them. Make sure your work is present either on youtube,facebook,google plus so that people can see your work and get in touch with you. If you are an actor,standupcomedian,dancer,poet please be patient we would reach out to you once we require an artist like you.

Is there a fee?

Currently, we are trying to build the platform with the support of volunteers and artists just like you and are trying to keep the platform free of cost. However, our jam sessions have an entry ticket to attend.

Do you meet out of Mumbai?

Not at present. We currently meet in Mumbai every 15 days. However, we plan to have a jam session in other cities too. If you want to take up initiative please write to us at info@musicjammin.com and we can make u the ambassador for that area.

Do you have android App?

Yes. We have an android App where u can see videos and music created by Artists just like you. Please download the app https://bit.ly/2uXteF3



Ojas Joshi

Founder, Musician

Music Jammin was started by Ojas Joshi (www.youtube.com/ojasjosh), a musician himself, when he found that there are no platforms here in India which could support the musicians and music lovers and keep the passion alive in them. From small sessions of 12 people in a bachelor apartment in 2014, the community grew to 3000+ members on big venues in 2016. Do join the revolution of imbibing music as your true passion in years to roll down


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